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When Lucene Book started years ago, it was out of the idea of establishing an equal opportunity environment for software engineers who have the gift to build the best products and projects to showcase their portfolios to clients with highly competitive needs.

Over time, we have proven to our customers that while we may not be technically the most experienced that people often measure by employment tenure or the most prevalent firm in the industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can do less.

In fact, by fulfilling our cravings for challenging opportunities, continuing education, and experience to prove our worth in the business, we have satisfied more and more clients along the way. Lucene Book turned out to be a software engineering team that delivers results without overpromising and overpricing.

The Lucene Book Vision

Render top-tier global customer support and project solutions.


Our Goal

It is the Lucene Book’s goal to build a prime reputation as a leading innovative IT solution to any needs that could arise within the industry, provide clients with practical yet top-notch products and services, and keep our cyber software engineers and staff growing with us through competitive benefits, work-life balance, and continuous career growth.

Agile Approach, The Lucene Book Way

We follow an agile framework in creating projects and software for our clients. We understand how collaboration is essential to any relationship, especially between the customers and the engineers, and we acknowledge how vital communication and transparency are to any project development.

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