Our Beginnings

Lucene Book started years ago with the mission of creating an equal opportunity environment for software engineers who can prove to be the best in their field, however, not given the priority during their application due to various reasons.

While we may not be the most experienced or most popular in the industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can do less. In fact, our hunger for reasonably compensated and challenging opportunities led us to support continuing education and gather as much experience to prove our worth. In the process, we realized later that our group could form a software engineering team that can deliver without overpromising and overpricing.

Our Name

Search Lucene on any engine and it should lead you to various meanings, including being a full-text Java search where we can include an extra functionality to any website.

Like this syntax, Lucene Book speaks of software engineering from the name of our company to each and every detail of our existence. We are a mix of match of what our clients look for software engineers – applications, databases, networks, and operating systems.

We can create and develop programs, with less price but higher value. We are Lucene Books and welcome to our family.