While we personalize each customer experience and needs, we can easily categorize our services and solutions into three crucial stages.

Product Discovery


Lucene Book can help clients unseal the perfect product to build by taking into consideration the business goals, product idea, and determining success indicators.

We have a dedicated service for an intensive application to match any product to the market’s need, its use, and feasibility. We gather new data that will benefit the development of new products, create the prototypes, and inspect the efficacy of any given concept. We also come up with a market research or survey that the reason and pattern of user behavior.

Product Development


Lucene Book considers product development as a collaboration between our software engineers and our clients from start to finish. We encourage a close partnership among Lucene Book engineers, staff, and our customers.

Our software engineers can either work independently or in a group to efficiently contribute to the product development within an agile, iterative approach. We develop test strategies and infrastructure to integrate system automation to any project development.



Lucene Book makes a dedicated effort to evaluate a software’s efficacy, feasibility, and market acceptance through standardized assessments. Our software engineers create input on the software’s development for future updates and make users engaged in the entire process.

For mobile applications, we make sure to closely monitor their progress with ensuring all necessary operating systems and relevant services are up-to-date.

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