5 Free Software Engineering Online Courses Courtesy of MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) makes knowledge available online by publishing their course materials over the Internet, providing access to anyone who is interested in learning.

For the benefit of anyone who believes in the quality of MIT education and would like to be knowledgeable in the field of software engineering, here are some courses to supplement your self-learning, courtesy of MIT Open Course Ware (OCW).

Computer Language Engineering

This course helps any student identify and solve issues correlated to the usage of higher-level programming languages. Hence, proficiency in Java is considered a pre-requisite for this subject. Adequate lecture notes guide students to the basic concepts, functions, and structures, and the tools necessary to building software.

Computer System Engineering

After studying Computation Structures, taking this course will supplement your knowledge in the computer system engineering, which includes techniques in software and hardware systems, their designs, networks, security, and impact to the modern society.

Elements of Software Construction

We suggest this course for anyone who wants to learn how to create software from scratch, bug-free, intelligible, and ready for any modifications. The syllabus covers basics and fundamentals, specifications and testing.

Foundations of Software Engineering

There are four phases to this online course. Phase I includes classes, objects, and functions in C++ and OOP. Phase II discusses searching and sorting methods for algorithms. Phase III takes care of everything Java, and how it can be integrated with C++. Phase IV is dedicated to the project creation.

Laboratory in Software Engineering

When it comes to the creation of large-scale software systems, this course is a must-take. Students learn how to program with different considerations, which includes modularity, blueprint, data abstraction, modeling, designs, and testing.

With these five courses online, any aspirant software engineer should get supplementary education he needs for more successful projects.

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